DATE: February 21st
TIME: @2:00-4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
WHAT: Rhythm House Training (8’s)

This workshop is intermediate/advanced and is designed for experienced students or dancers who’ve taken class with Rennie Harris in the past as well as currently. Although the movement vocabulary will be broken down when taught the class is subject to moving faster than normal due to the attendance of current and past students of Rennie Harris.
In short you are welcomed to participate but be advised the pace of the class will ultimately be determined by Rennie Harris. Lastly, there will be no refunds, if you are unable to attend after you have paid your registration fee of $25 dollars you will receive a credit for the next class
taught by Rennie Harris via zoom or in person.

2. Cross Trainers (no capezo’s)
3. Bottled Water for Hydration
4. Loose fitting sweats
5. Proper Space to move upright and on the floor


Pop-Up Event

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